Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Or this one

Or do you think this one is better, with the windows? Those are the actual windows.
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Shirt number ONE!

SO! This is it. I'm going to start doing shirts a little differently than I originally planned. Though I still plan on doing (and selling!) my one by one stencil shirts, I want to do some mass productions since the others take soooo long! So, these I will be able to affordably sell them at an affordable price. Hooray! So, soon I will be printing this image onto navy blue t-shirts. The ink will actually only be the yellow sun. I was going to make about 12 of them, but depending on how much money I have, I may make more. I think they look pretty neat. The picture this was all taken from, is from a picture that I took of the lighthouse for the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, which is now on their tourist map thing. Hope there isn't any copyright probs hahaha just kidding... it's my picture. So, any comments, suggestions, complaints? Hahaha..
As soon as it's all set up, the shirts will be soon ala a store that i'm doing in collaboration with Ross and Sarah and anyone else, called Tricycle Tees.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pontiac GTO

This was around Christmas, and I painted this GTO on a red shirt for Pamela, who owns a GTO. I used a stencil that I cut from a photo. Printed two copies, one got the details, the other was just the outline of the car, so that I could do that neat fadey sprayey effect. I don't normally do that, but I like how it came out, and it's another way to show the border on something. With stencil it can be really tricky since you need to keep everything connected to one sheet of paper.
Here it is!
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Weather Underground

This is my Weather Underground shirt, after watching a documentary about them I made this shirt. I decide to post this, even though it's old, since I've had a sort of slump in production of shirts... and I haven't finished 2 that I've started. Got kind of busy, but wanted to put SOMETHING up here. I must have done this over a year ago, it is one of my favorites to wear. Keep in mind, that the airbrush was a new tool for me, and I hadn't yet discovered the wonders of Spray Adhesive. I was using lots of thumb tacks to hold designs down, so some came out blurry.

But hey, much clearer than the ol' spray paint..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Zebra Kitten

Bleach pen, Airbrush, and Acrylic Paint. This shirt Brittany bought, as a gift for her friend Kim. She asked me to do something on it, as long as it had the popular Zebra Kitten on it. I am really happy with this shirt, I think it came out very nice. My favorite so far. I'm happy Brittany gave me the opportunity to work on this one, and the freedom.. since it's a gift ya know. I added a little bow to it later, that isn't in this picture. Just for kicks.

Zebra Kitten, round one.

Airbrush and Acrylic paint, Zebra Kitten round one was done on a modified hoodless sweatshirt. The idea came from a picture of a model zebra kitten.


Spray Paint

I did this one around October 24, 2005, when Rosa Parks passed away.

Copyright Infringement

Pencil, Bleach. This is one of the first collared shirts I did. My favorite part is the pig.


Airbrush, Acrylic Paint. I did this last summer, as a part of an idea that was an "artifact" line... or things from our childhood that are so out of date now that the thrift stores are overflowing with them. Yet millions of people used them on a daily basis, and it was top notch. The tetris part was just because it is my favorite game on the ol' gameboy. I have a few more artifact T's on the way.

Paper Crane

Airbrush. I love paper cranes, and I love the seventies. The two joined hands on this shirt with a very large collar, and I have never worn this shirt. I guess I'm waiting for the right time. It's definitely a favorite.


Ross is wearing this shirt, I made it for him. It was actually after I made one for myself, but his came out twenty times better, and I'm jealous to this very day. The birds are the same, but the branch on his is SO clear. I hand painted the branch on mine, and it's just not as crisp.