Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Or this one

Or do you think this one is better, with the windows? Those are the actual windows.
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Shirt number ONE!

SO! This is it. I'm going to start doing shirts a little differently than I originally planned. Though I still plan on doing (and selling!) my one by one stencil shirts, I want to do some mass productions since the others take soooo long! So, these I will be able to affordably sell them at an affordable price. Hooray! So, soon I will be printing this image onto navy blue t-shirts. The ink will actually only be the yellow sun. I was going to make about 12 of them, but depending on how much money I have, I may make more. I think they look pretty neat. The picture this was all taken from, is from a picture that I took of the lighthouse for the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, which is now on their tourist map thing. Hope there isn't any copyright probs hahaha just kidding... it's my picture. So, any comments, suggestions, complaints? Hahaha..
As soon as it's all set up, the shirts will be soon ala a store that i'm doing in collaboration with Ross and Sarah and anyone else, called Tricycle Tees.

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