Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Before's and After's

I've had this shirt for a LONG time. I think I got it when I was 18. I loved this shirt. Mainly for that stupid monkey, the "clever" message was always funny and struck up convo, but I think now, I don't want people touching the monkey on the shirt, or any other meaning for "monkey" they can think of. So it was either going to become a new shirt or a coaster....

Here it is. Number one monkey, Ichiban!

This is a shirt Sarah picked up many moons ago, when I first said I wanted to start doing shirts for other people. I opened the doors and said bring me some shirts, I want the practice. Well I forgot about it, and now found it in the famous shirt stock pile. So I decided to do it.

Here it is after. I carried over the Number one symbols just because they were on my desk, and the rest was quickly cut inspirations from the shirt itself. Kinda bummed that I accidentally hid the cat.. but he's in there. I like all the giant Doris Day faces though, that's neat. Came out really collage looking, and I hope sarah likes it. If she doesn't, I'll eat it.
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